From Idea to Reality: Introducing Our New Blog Claimea Savings!

Claimea Saving Blog is the latest ultimate online hub for accessing exclusive discount coupons and deals across the Middle East. Whether you’re shopping in the luxury websites of Dubai, Riyadh, Cairo, Muscat, or beyond, Claimea is your go-to platform for saving big on your favourite brands and stores.

At Claimea, we understand the importance of stretching your hard-earned money further, especially in today’s economy. That’s why we’ve curated a diverse selection of discount coupons and offers tailored to meet the needs and preferences of customers in the UAE, KSA, Egypt, Oman, and beyond.

Here, you can search and find deals on everything from grocery and dining experiences to electronics and clothes. Our huge coupon collection has you covered whether you’re looking for the newest styles in fashion, organising a family outing, or stocking up on necessities for the home.

You can browse and redeem coupons from your favourite stores with ease using our user-friendly website, which will save you time and bother and guarantee that you save the most on your purchases. Just look through our categories, pick the coupon you want, and get instant savings when you check out.

What is Claimea?

Claimea is an international platform that houses discount coupons for thousands of stores and luxury brands. Spread widely throughout the Middle East, the residents can avail heavy discounts on various products and brands. With a one stop platform to fulfil all needs ranging from apparel to travel tickets, one can find coupons for all. 

Additionally, this platform enlists brands such as Louis Vuitton, Amazon, Adidas, Ferns N petals, Gucci, Chanel, H&M and so much more making it super easy for customers to live their dream of owning branded products without burning a hole in their pockets. 

What coupons does our website include?

There are many different categories on with discount coupons to suit the interests and preferences of our users in the Middle East. The comprehensive coupon categories that are offered on are as follows:

1. Clothing and apparel:

The fashion industry has been booming since the last few years. From luxury branded clothes to athleisure, you will find coupons on all. Through the codes we have curated for our customers, you can avail some really massive discounts that are otherwise not easy to attain. Discover a wide range of products for men, women and kids from the stores enlisted in our website to shop for all your needs at a single stop.

2. Electronics and gadgets:

The surging prices in the world of technology and gadgets is a well known fact today. With increasing dependency on electronics, the costs have risen too. However with Claimea, you can save on laptops, speakers, phones, headphones and so much more. You can shop for your favourite products from the leading stores enlisted from our website and proceed to avail those huge discounts that Claimea has in-store for you.

3. Beauty and personal care:

Skincare, makeup and beauty products are an integral part of almost every woman’s life. With over a hundred products in each category available in the market, the need to invest in quality products sets in. At Claimea, we have enlisted branded and leading beauty brands that assure authentic and effective products. You can avail tons of discounts that will help you save thousands of bucks.

4. Home and lifestyle:

With the variety of discount coupons that Claimea provides for lifestyle and home goods, you may improve your living space and your standard of living without going over budget. We provide a wide range of coupons in the home and leisure category that cover everything you need to furnish and adorn your living area. Claimea has everything you need, whether you want to modernise your furniture, alter your kitchen’s aesthetic, or all three.

5. Travel and leisure:

Our goal at Claimea is to save our customers money on all aspects of travel, including lodging, airfare, and rental cars. In order to guarantee that our users can take advantage of inexpensive travel alternatives throughout the Middle East like UAE, Kuwait, Egypt, KSA, Bahrain and beyond, our website offers discount coupons for numerous airlines through a variety of channels. Through these means, Claimea hopes to provide discount vouchers for various airlines, thereby increasing the affordability and accessibility of travel for our users throughout the Middle East. Whether you’re scheduling a last-minute trip, a family holiday, or a business trip, Claimea’s airline discount coupons help you save money on your travel expenses.

Upcoming events at

Every festival and occasion counts for extra offers. At Claimea, you can expect massive offers and sales that go live during festivals. Some prominent ones are:

1. UAE National day:

In observance of the UAE National Day, we extend special discounts and offers to our consumers on a variety of goods and services. We’re determined to make this wonderful event even more memorable with incredible savings and great promotions because we’re a platform that helps its members save money.

2. Black friday sale: is going to celebrate Black Friday by introducing exclusive deals and discounts on well-liked goods and services. Users may expect to find amazing prices in a variety of categories, including electronics, home goods, fashion, and trip packages. Additionally, you can take advantage of extra savings and deals that are only available at specific retailers and brands.

3. Ramadan: is going to be offering daily specials and limited-time offers on a selection of items during the month of Ramadan. During Ramadan, customers can take advantage of various offers such as discounted prices, buy-one-get-one-free discounts, or exclusive bundles, which can result in big savings.

4. Christmas sale:

Users can get guidelines and carefully chosen gift ideas from to help them with their holiday shopping. To assist them spread joy and love this Christmas, customers may browse a selection of options across several categories, all available at discounted pricing, whether they are looking for gifts for friends, family, or coworkers.

Why use Claimea to avail discount coupons?

Claimea is a wonderful online platform from which people can shop for tons of products by saving thousands of bucks. Some prominent and exclusive features of Claimea are:

1. Offers diverse range of categories in one platform:

Claimea offers discounts in a wide range of categories, including fashion, electronics, home and lifestyle, food and dining, travel and leisure, health and wellness, automotive, entertainment, financial services, education, pets, and more. This is in contrast to many coupon websites that concentrate only on certain industries, like fashion or travel. With such a large assortment, customers may discover deals on almost anything they require in one handy place.

2. Wide selections of coupons available:

By compiling an excellent assortment of coupons from reliable merchants and brands, Claimea eliminates the uncertainty associated with locating the greatest offers. Our staff takes the time to thoroughly assess every coupon to make sure it is legitimate and applicable, which helps consumers find deals faster and save more time.

3. User friendly interface:

The user-friendly interface of Claimea’s website makes it simple for visitors to browse, search, and redeem coupons. With the use of categories and filters to focus their search, consumers can easily locate discounts on their preferred goods and services using our user-friendly website.

All things considered, Claimea sets itself apart from other coupon websites with a wide range of premium discounts, unique alliances, an easy-to-use design, tailored recommendations, and community involvement. Users choose Claimea for all of their discount coupon needs since it offers them unmatched savings in a variety of categories.

Tips to Save money at Claimea:

Here are some tips to help you maximise your savings when shopping from

1. Browse often:

To remain up to date on the newest discount coupons and discounts, make frequent visits to Checking back frequently guarantees you don’t miss out on any savings possibilities as new offers are updated on a regular basis.

2. Register for notifications:

Get information about new discount coupons and exclusive discounts by subscribing to Claimea’s email or turning on notifications on the mobile app. You’ll be among the first to learn about the newest sales in this way.

3. Investigate categories:

Utilise Claimea’s extensive assortment of categories to discover savings on a broad range of goods and services. Claimea has everything you need, whether you’re shopping for electronics, clothing, furniture, or vacation.

4. Check offers:

To be sure you’re receiving the greatest bargain, check discount coupons from many brands and stores before making a purchase. The same product may occasionally be offered at several stores, each with a different discount.

5. Examine expiration dates:

Before utilising a discount coupon, be sure it is still valid by paying attention to its expiration date. It’s crucial to use coupons before they expire because they won’t offer any discounts after that point.

6. Combine discounts:

Certain discount coupons have the potential to be combined or stacked with other special offers or loyalty plans. Seek chances to combine discounts in order to save as much money as possible on each purchase.

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